Steps You Need to Include Before You Get Your Sap License Audit

Lots of companies out there have considered SAP license audit and may face issues if they do not have the needed information to help them obtain the necessary requirements. Now is the right time for you to make proper preparations and plans that will ensure that your organizations is well prepared and ready to handle the process with ease. Since we have been engaged in various SAP license audits, we have noted some of the main steps and you need to be considering so that you are assured of readiness whenever you are about to carry out the audit.

First thing is that you need to ensure that you evaluate the current SAP license standing. You will basically need to determine how you can understand the indirect usages, consumptions and the forecast of the users as well as the engine licenses.

Then you need to plan if you will need to kick off a two weeks license management project or else you will not. The main aim of this case is to ensure that you are able to pull everything together and ensure that you actually lowered the tricks that you may have sunk into whenever you improve the allocation licensure. This will include a collection of the license contract in one place and ensure proper understanding if the total licensure for all the users and packagers. You however need to determine if you will add the SAP users based on the business plan that you had formulated.

When you have all the information in this case, you will now start using it in the allocation of licensure details appropriately. The main thing, in this case, is to ensure that you understand as well as optimize all the direct users and this is important especially when you need to remain compliant in how you handle your everyday needs. You will need to have an analysis of the user transaction histories and ensure that all the duplicate users are removed accordingly. You can use the business plan to help you in proper allocation of the details as this has been seen to really help. You will need to ensure that you carry out proper monitoring of the business activities and ensure that you make proper adjustments whenever it is needed.

Once you have determined all the details you will then need to know if you need to acquire additional licenses or not. The purchasing decision of the SAP licenses will actually be based on the growth of the business and the details that you have taken using the above steps, you can check this website for more.

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