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Top Tips for Choosing Best Storage Facility

When it comes to putting your possessions into self-storage facilities, it’s important to know they are in safe hands for your total peace of mind. Typically most storage companies offer similar services so it’s important to be sure you have it clear in mind what you require so you can find the ideal storage facilities that best suit your needs. In this case there is need to first determine whether you need temporary or long-term storage, whether there are any restrictions on the items you wish to store and the options available such as sharing a facility with family or friends. It’s much crucial to look into what is on offer and find out which storage facilities are most suitable for your needs including any budget and size constraints. When choosing best storage facility there is need to ensure that one takes into account the following listed tips.

Security. This is often paramount for first-time self-storage users as understandably you want the possessions to be safe and secure with a company that you can trust. Most storage facilities have CCTV cameras to guarantee optimum security but it’s also crucial to find out whether they are on 24 hours a day and if they are consistently monitored. There is need for these cameras to cover more than just the entrance to ensure that all areas are well-guarded. In terms of cases to the facility, there are some that require a PIN code to gain entry and others you will encounter a manned reception or office. When it comes to the unit itself it’s important to note how sturdy the unit doors are as well as their security.

Cost. When it comes to choosing a self-storage facility, low cost may not always be the best option especially if it is at the expense of other factors including location or security. There is need to find out what the overall price you are given includes and whether there is need to pay a deposit fee. There are some storage places providing introductory offers as a great way to attract new customers. It’s advisable to find out the terms and conditions, price rates and discount expiry date.

Opening times. It’s crucial to consider whether the opening times suits your personal needs such as if you need access to the unit outside of normal business hours. Most storage facilities offer 24-hour access which is ideal if you work unusual or long hours. In addition be sure to check weekend opening hours as some facilities are closed or have reduced access. Emergency access is also worth consideration to check whether the facility can open for extra time and is this would incur an additional charge.

Location. Convenience and cost are two important factors to consider when choosing best storage facility. It’s advisable to choose a facility closer to home if one plans on visiting it a lot as this is easily accessible and cheaper. Those only coming back to the storage unit every so often the best option is to branch out a bit further and look for cheaper facilities.

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